Drink Beng-Beng

Kompetisi Nikmat, THR Semangat


  • To support the re-launch of Torabika Jahe Susu 
  • To educate the target market about Torabika Jahe Susu’s ingredients and benefits 
  • To motivate daily consumption of Torabika Jahe Susu especially during the pandemic time
  • To re-activate Torabika’s dormant instagram


  • The competition was a big success, not only because it was felt so relevant with the situation at that first social distancing phase, but also helped many people to understand how to keep their stamina by enjoying delicious Coffee with Red Ginger, plus got rewarded for Ramadan too.
  • Number of followers increased 1,5k+
  • Number of participants 2k+ vs target 1k