Drink Beng Beng

Nikmatnya 30 Hari Bareng Drink Beng-Beng

About the works

We would like our target audiences to experience DBB and start forming their habits of drinking DBB every day during Ramadan Month, ie. Buka Puasa.

Participant can show & tell their excitement of drinking DBB for buka puasa, everyday for 1 month, and the winners will get a prize in the form of traveling to overseas & a memory for life.


  • To increase sales of DBB by taking the best advantage of Ramadan month - the most festive season of the year
  • To start forming habit of drinking DBB everyday by challenging (and rewarding) the participants to consume DBB every after Buka Puasa through Ramadan Month


  • Making participants be committed to consume DBB & post it on their Instagram daily was not easy
  • The target was not only the quantity of participants but mainly the quality or the participants who post daily for the longest period
  • The reward must be attractive 


Number of DBB instagram followers increased 8k followers in a month

Number of the 30 days challenge’s participants was 5,8k+ vs target 2k

The number who post consistently daily was 35% and the longest duration was 30 days




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